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Welcome to The Cat & Dog Nanny a professional dog walking and cat sitting service run by myself Sarah , based in Highbridge Somerset, also covering Burnham-on-Sea, and surrounding local villages. Please take a look at the services available and feel free to contact me with any further questions or to book a service for your cat or dog. 

A Trusted and Caring Service Every Time

BIG or Small .....

It doesn't  matter which type of breed or size your cat or dog maybe all shapes and sizes are welcome.  I have experience with looking after cats of all breeds including Persians and Burmese and dogs from chihuahuas to large German shepherds. Big or small I love them all. All dogs are assessed for temperament and suitability to whether they are suited to a solo or group walk, no one wants an unhappy dog after all its their walk.


Safety & Well-Being First ....

Safety and the well being of your dog in my care is of the up-most importance. Your dog must have an ID tag and a strong suitable collar and harness. I am very well practised in fitting a harness onto your dog if they wear one whilst out walking, even those that like to keep taking their little paws out once you have one side in! For Health and safety I only walk up to four dogs in a group walk, you wont see me struggling with six or seven dogs, time and attention is the key to a good enjoyable walk for all. 


Kitty's Care

Most cats don't have owners they have servants. Being independent and doing their own thing to suit themselves. On my care and well being visit  I will establish your cats mood  and adapt my time with them to please them, whether sleepy and wanting to be fussed and stoked or playful and wanting to chase their toys, as two days are never the same with our feline friends. 

Feeding and Watering.....

On our consultation I will establish any dietary requirements or allergies etc that your cat or dog may have and what are their favourite treats. On returning after our dog walk I will make sure your dog has fresh water available before I leave. On my cat visits I will make sure your cats food and water in plentiful and they are eating well whilst you are away. 


Why Do You Need me?

There can be so many reasons why you will require a dog walker or cat sitter, work commitments, days out, holidays and sickness. Believe me I have experienced them all and the stress of making sure your pet is cared for becomes another worry. Knowing that you can trust and rely on someone to take care of this worry is such a relief. I know finding that special person  you can trust and care for your cat or dog is daunting, that's why I know my care for your cat or dog is exactly how I would want  someone to look after my pets.

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