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Making my passion my job 

Why be a dog walker and cat sitter?.....because I love it!

So I decided to establish The Cat and Dog Nanny offering dog walking and cat sitting services in the Highbridge, Burnham on Sea area and surrounding area. Turning my passion for cats and dogs into a small business and offering cat and dog owners my services, giving you trusted care when your not there. My inspiration being my beloved best friend Buddy (sadly now over the rainbow bridge) and my Burmese cat Crackles, and now my new Love Woody Woofer my rescue dog, combined with my love of the outdoors and walking, it's the obvious and perfect job for me. I am also a Trustee for Phoenix Rehoming helping rehome rescue dogs and cats and often have a foster dog at home with us. Since starting my business and as it has developed and my daughter Francesca is part of the team, a big animal lover, horse mad and a qualified IMDT positive dog trainer. Whether you require a daily, weekly or less frequent  service The Cat and Dog Nanny will care for your cat or dog as their own . Fully insured, pet first aid trained and have completed a diploma in Dog and pet care and canine training behaviour courses.  We can offer you a reliable and professional service with love and care that you require for your beloved cat or dog.



Meet the family

Pets are bundles of love wrapped in fur 


Oliver is a Chinchilla Persian and lives with my parents. He needs daily brushing to keep his coat in tip top condition. He loves to play ball and sit in his basket in front of the fire. He has an air of importance about him and you are privileged to be in his company.


This is sweet little Roxy. I am grand nanny to her and she is a lap dog through and through. She is so good natured and enjoys being with people all the time. Her favourite thing is to go in the car and have a trip to the stables where she can run around and get her little paws covered in mud.


This is my boy! My heart melted the minute I saw him as a puppy and our bond has grown very strong over the last eight years. Although a handsome chap, he hates having his photo taken and will do anything to avoid the camera. He loves the outdoors and we enjoy our little adventures together. * Sadly Buddy Passed away October 2019, he is missed so much. RIP my beautiful boy. x



This is my older boy, he is fourteen years old now and can be quiet grumpy in his old age and has attitude, but I love this as it gives him so much character. He loves to sleep and will wind Buddy up by sleeping in his bed. Being a Burmese he can often be vocal, usually at silly o clock in the morning.  

Sadly Crackles passed away in December 2020 RIP little chap x



This is my Rescue  boy Woody Woofer, rescued at five months old, very timid and under weight. He has now grown into a cheeky character full of love, still a little shy with humans but absolutely adores all the dogs and loves coming to work with me every day. 



Nala is Frankie's big girl, a Romanian rescue saved from the kill shelter. 

Nala is sassy and funny and can be a diva  when she wants to be.

At the beginning she suffered with anxiety around other dogs and new situations with positive training by Frankie she is now full of confidence.

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