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You can relax......

knowing that your Cat or Dog will be looked after when your not there like one of my own with Trust, Love & Care. 

Whether your pet requires a regular daily, weekly or a less frequent service the standard of care stays the same for every one of our visits. 


As a knowledgeable Dog Walker & Cat Sitter I offer a full-range of services designed to give your pet the best care possible. Depending on their needs, I can tailor my service list to make sure they get all the attention they deserve. Offering a free consultation appointment to meet and greet you and your pet at your home, giving everyone a chance to get to know each other and discuss your pets requirements. If you and your pet decide you would like to use the services we will go through the necessary paperwork with you, ensuring we have all the details needed to care for your pet,

so you can relax knowing your pet is in safe hands.

Dog Walking

Dogs are walked individually or as a small group walk giving you dog all the attention it deserves. Your dog  can be walked with other dogs matched to size, temperament and for socialising if you prefer. On arrival there will be a meet and greet and then we get ready for our walk. The walk will be tailored to your dogs needs depending on age, fitness and health. On returning your dogs paws will be wiped if they have got muddy or wet whilst out and about. Food will be topped up and water bowl refreshed if required. We will have a short settling down time and a treat (if allowed) before they are left to relax and have a snooze. 

Adventure walks are also offered for the more energetic dogs, spending three hours exploring and having fun. 

FIELD FUN - we now also  offer an off lead fun play park session, your dog can safely run free, play and socialize with other dogs. These are great fun and your dog will burn lots of energy playing and running.

Cat Sitting 

Companion time for your fabulous feline. they will be given as much or as little attention as they demand depending on their cat mood. Cuddles and playtime are on offer if they desire or quiet time being fussed. Their food will be filled up and water dish refreshed. Litter tray cleaned and changed if required. 


Holiday & Security 

If you are away or on your holidays there are always other household chores that still need doing like collecting in the mail, putting out recycling and bins and watering the plants. This service is offered as an additional to your pet care needs or if you have no pets but still require the above with the addition of curtains/lights alternated for extra security and giving you peace of mind your home is safe and secure. 


Anatole France

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened

Service Prices

prices are subject to change 

Cat Visit

Cat Well Being visit

Each Visit will be approximately

15 mins

Holiday and Security Services


Service offered without pets in the household 


can be added onto dog walking or cat visits

Key Drop Off - with Pet Service

£3.00 collect and return key

£10.00 emergency lock out drop off key

£15.00 out of hours drop off key 

Household chores Service

includes gathering mail/papers, watering 

indoor plants, adjusting lights/curtains, putting out recycling/rubbish bins

£2.00 per visit

Home security check (no pets)

includes gathering mail/papers, watering plants, adjusting lights/curtains, putting out recycling/rubbish bins

£10.00 per visit


Dog Walking & 

Puppy/Companion Visits 

 Walks/Puppy/Companion Visits

Walk time /visit will be approximately

15 min Puppy/Companion Visit

 60 min Group 

 30 min Solo Walks

£10.00 per Visit

£18.00 - two visits per day 

£24.00 - three visits per day 

Additional cat/s (same household)

£2.00 per visit each additional cat

Saturday to rates 

A 50% uplift 

Sunday & Bank Holiday Rates

by special request and charged at double time.

Single Dog  (Mon-Fri)

£10.00-  15 min  Puppy /Home visit only

£13.00 - 60 min Group Walk

£17.00 -30  min Solo Walk

£13.50 - Field Fun session

           Additional dog/s          

(same household)

£7.00 (Visit only)

£11.00  - 60 min walk

£12.50 - Field session

£13.00 - 30 min walk

(Max three additional dogs)

Saturday rates 

A 50% uplift charge for all services on a Saturday 

Sunday & Bank Holiday Rates

 Walks and  visits are by special request and charged at double time

Adventure Walks

 A fun and interesting 2 hour walk exploring with pick up, drop off, water and treats provided. Selected dates and limited places. £25.00 per dog. 

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